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IT & Telecommunications

Thanks to an integrated approach and analysis of customer needs, we choose the best strategy and technology to achieve the set goal in the telecommunications industry.

Meg World offers comprehensive solutions in the field of telecommunications. With telecom business process outsourcing, you will be able to focus specifically on the areas that contribute to the development of your telecom company and the growth of its profits.

Our main telecommunication outsourcing services are:

Data processing services

Our Meg World business process outsourcing (BPO) services are especially relevant for companies with large-scale databases. We provide not only easy access to all necessary information but also the reliability of its storage. Your customers’ information will be safe and protected from online fraudsters. Our Meg World bpo services can facilitate companies to keep their customers happy by answering them as quickly as possible.

Our team performs these types of work:

Customer Support Services

Our agents are experienced in t bpo services and they have the proper skills to provide effective support:

Our team uses the latest management tools for its work and provides outsourcing solutions for the telecommunications industry. They help you to find, attract and convert potential customers into real ones. In addition, we specialize in sales statistics and analytics. What does it mean? Our specialists use a sales strategy based on the latest technologies, for instance, lead generation services. As for our outbound sales, they are carried out via calls or mailing to email addresses. When our work is done, we present reports in real-time.

Technical oriented support services

We are always ready to provide remote assistance and expert advice for those in need. Our specialists manage and monitor servers, networks, databases while sitting at a remote service station. SQL database administrators provide adaptation of databases to the specifics of your business and change the data as your company grows and develops. Our technical support specialists make sure that your website is regularly updated. First, it helps to strengthen the competitive position of your business in the market. And secondly, an active website with up-to-date information increases the confidence of customers in its stability and effective work.

We also provide support in WordPress development for your business. Many businesses need these services to improve their performance and content management:

In the modern world, it is difficult to run a business, beat your competition, and increase your customer base without that technology.

Our partners don’t need to master the basics of programming and delve into the complexity of the CMS, since our team of specialists will cope with this task in no time.

Working with us, you get a reliable vendor of outsourcing services. You will have the opportunity to quickly solve all current tasks, as well as get qualified assistance in strategic planning and development of the IT infrastructure of your business on a regular basis.

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