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Photoshop Services

Meg World IT Services we aid individuals, photographers, photo studios, startups, SMEs, large corporates, etc. looking to offshore Adobe Photoshop services with a wide range of professional photoshop services. A global outsourcing provider, we aid with any Photoshop requirement regardless of the size or volume of images.

Whether you want assistance with image cropping, detail addition/removal, image size adjustment, contrast/color adjustment, image editing, manipulation, background removal, etc., or any other image enhancement requirement, we can help. Our Adobe Photoshop services are carried out at a delivery center in India through skilled and trained Photoshop experts and print-on-demand (POD) technologies.

Our Adobe Photoshop Services

Photoshop Process We Follow


Meg World IT Services receives a briefing from the client on design requirements


Customer uploads sample files to a secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Dropbox, etc.

Task Allocation and Design

Designs allocated to Meg world IT Services design resources and design executed

Quality Check

Quality Control specialists conduct Quality Checks


Post quality checks, low-resolution designs sent for approval to the client


Client corrections and edits carried out (if any)

Benefits of Outsourcing Adobe Photoshop Services to Meg world It Services


Media Houses
Ad Agencies
Online Retailers
Individual Clients
Technology Industry
Portrait Studios
Media Houses
Ad Agencies
Online Retailers
Individual Clients
Healthcare Providers
Technology Industry

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