With no technical staff in the business, this medical organization teamed up with DP Solutions to manage their technology in 2010. At that time, they were using a DOS-based medical practice application, and the medical records were paper. This required a lot of scanning, faxing, and transferring of paper files via carrier. This process was not ideal and was hindering the organization’s proficiencies.

When the organization came on as a client, only a handful of employees had email, and those that did were using personal email accounts for the business. This caused a lot of security, efficiency, and compliance challenges for the organization. 


DP Solutions’ initial engagement with the client was to deploy a Small Business Server (SBS), which included upgrading the medical practice application to a Windows based platform. The SBS server also provided email with a domain, and file storage and sharing. To ensure a smooth transition, DPS worked very closely with the software provider during the facilitation.

Subsequently, DP Solutions deployed computers and infrastructure to the client’s 25 remote offices to support email, scan to email, and file sharing with the headquarters. Prior to that, all information was sent via scan to fax, or carrier to the headquarters.

Additionally, DP Solutions provided backup and disaster recovery, as well as monitoring and maintenance of the server, workstation, and infrastructure of the environment.

As the medical practice software has evolved over the years, and the data store increased, DP Solutions moved the client to a virtualized environment and migrated them to Office 365 for email.

Throughout our engagement, DP Solutions has provided Service Desk support and engagement as needed for their headquarters as well as all 25 remote offices.

This past spring, when COVID-19 hit, DP Solutions helped foster the client’s ability to work remote by migrating them to Microsoft’s Azure environment allowing for easy and secure file sharing capabilities. Additionally, the medical practice application was moved to the software vendor’s hosted cloud solution, enabling the business to quickly adjust to the new work from home requirement.


In working with DP Solutions, the organization was able to make more efficient use of technology in a way that better aligned with their goals. DP Solutions maintains ongoing strategic conversations and engagement with the client’s Practice Manager to help them continue leveraging technology and bettering the organization’s technology usage.

DP Solutions continues to support and maintain the client’s environment, its 25 remote office locations and the organization’s technology with its Confidence Plus Managed IT Services.